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Dynamic web sites are web sites that are always changing...and for good reason!

We teach our customers to maintain their own web sites. Because of this, BugNux's customers' web sites are generally up to date.


Our most frequent request is for a "web site that I can Maintain myself". A web site that has an Administration page that allows you to edit content on your web site is said to have Content Management. If you are the type of business owner that likes to have control of what goes on the company web site, this type of tool is just what the doctor ordered.

Whether you are a Real Estate Company, a Real Estate Agent, a Motel Owner, Condo Owner, Property Manager or Homebuilder, there is no better way to advertise than on the Web. Most of these types of web sites change frequently, so it is nice to have a Control Panel so that you cankeep them up-to-date, adding photos, listings and descriptions. If your Business has the need to display up-to-date listings for properties, BugNux, LLC has just the tool for you!

The web is a perfect place to show future customers your past work or Portfolio. If you would like to show your work to future Customers, BugNux, LLC can build just the right tool for you.

Every small business can benefit from a web site. This can be anything from a one-page business card type of web site to a complex ecommerce web site that calculates shipping costs, maintains customers accounts and collects funds with credit cards.

A Corporate Blog will allow its owners to not only add web pages, but also write articles. Most major News sites use a variation of the Corporate Blog. It has the option to allow readers to comment on the posts that are written, and thus has the capacity to build community.