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A web site is a business tool.  A web site can...

  • help your Customers find you.
  • provide information to Customers about your business.
  • educate Customers about your Product or Service.
  • display your Real Estate listings or e-Commerce products.
  • give an Artist or a Photographer a way to display their work.
  • educate people about a cause or concern.
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Our most frequent request is for a "web site that I can Maintain myself". A web site that has an Administration page that allows you to edit content on your web site is said to have Content Management. If you are the type of business owner that likes to have control of what goes on the company web site, this type of tool is just what the doctor ordered.

Design Process

Web site design is exciting! Each project is unique. Every project draws from the experiences the designer has had on previous projects. Experience always shows. Every day we walk the line between being cool and providing easy-to-find information. It is always a balancing act between form and function. Both are important. We follow the following web site creation process on most of our projects.

1. Initial free consultation

This is where we will ask you to help us understand your business and your online goals. We will ask you what your vision of your company's web site is. We may offer suggestions, but we take our cue from you.

2. Bid

After determining what will be involved in your web project, we will submit a bid for the work discussed in the initial consultation. Any modifications to the original proposed web site will affect the final cost of the project.

To accept our proposal, we ask for a reasonable retainer fee before beginning work.

3. Conceptual web site design

At this step in the process, we will be focusing on graphic design, color scheme and site design. The content you will see at this point is probably limited to a few paragraphs and a photograph or two. The conceptual design serves as a starting point for the final design. We will rely on you to let us know if we got the color just right or not. We will ask you if you like the fonts and graphics that we have chosen for you. If you have a logo that you want us to use, we will add it at this step.

4. Design approval

When the conceptual site design is complete and all requested changes have been made, we will ask for your final approval. It is important at this stage that you are certain there will be no major changes to the design. If there is more than one person at your company who needs to sign off on the design, that needs to be done at this point. Once we have approval we begin the process of building the site based on the design concept.

5. Web site creation

At this step, we will need to rely on you to provide the text and photos that you would like to use. We can do photography upon request.

6. Web site approval

At this point, your web site should be in excellent shape. We will ask you to carefully review it before we publish the site. There will be minor changes, but nothing major as we have simply used the text and photographs that you have given us.

7. Publish site

Let the fun begin! We will upload the site and it is live immediately. Now it is time to let this baby start working for you instead of you working on it. You probably have your Internet address on your business cards and letterhead. If you have a sign, your Internet address can be displayed on it.

Whether you are a Real Estate Company, a Real Estate Agent, a Motel Owner, Condo Owner, Property Manager or Homebuilder, there is no better way to advertise than on the Web. Most of these types of web sites change frequently, so it is nice to have a Control Panel so that you cankeep them up-to-date, adding photos, listings and descriptions.

Real Estate Web Site
Listings on Real Estate web sites change frequently. We can offer you a control panel that will allow you to set up new listings as well as to remove the old ones. If you belong to a MLS, we will build a frameset around your MLS search page to keep the look and feel of your web site as well as to allow your customers to search for property. This helps your customers keep your telephone number and contact information handy!

The web is a perfect place to show future customers your past work or Portfolio. If you would like to show your work to future Customers, BugNux, LLC can build just the right tool for you.

Art Gallery or Photo Gallery Web Site
We can design a gallery that displays your work in a flattering manner as well as to give you a control panel to allow you to upload as many examples of your work as you wish.

Every small business can benefit from a web site.

Type of Web Sites That We Design

Small Business Static Information Web Site
Custom-designed static information site sometimes known as an online brochure. All content is written in HTML. This solution makes sense when a site has less than a dozen or so pages and the content changes infrequently.

Information Web Site With Content Management
This is an Information site that has a Control Panel that allows the owner of the web site to edit some or most of the content in the web site. If the web site is larger or has content that changes more frequently is a more satisfactory solution than the static information site shown above. An events calendar can be incorporated into such a site.

Corporate Blog
This is a corporate site that allows its owners to not only add web pages, but also write articles or posts. It has the option to allow readers to comment on the posts that are written, and thus has the capacity to build community.

e-Commerce Web Site
This type of web site allows the owner of the web site to offer goods for sale. There is a control panel that allows them to offer as many products s they choose to offer for sale. The system calculates sales tax and shipping charges as specified by it's owner. These sites are oftentimes very large, as each product and category has its own page.


We no longer provide hosting and leave it the professionals. If you are using Wordpress, WPEngine is the premier hosting service for WP.

SEO Services

If you are looking for SEO in the Austin area, we recommend our colleagues at Lucid Crew. We also refer large web design customers, that we can't service, to them - I can't say enough, they're great.

A Corporate Blog will allow its owners to not only add web pages, but also write articles. Most major News sites use a variation of the Corporate Blog. It has the option to allow readers to comment on the posts that are written, and thus has the capacity to build community.


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